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If you really want to stay at the top of your clients' minds, then why not be there for them first thing in the morning so your company is one of the first things they think about each day? In order to do that, you have to integrate into the important and often "necessary" parts of their life.One of the first tasks many Americans do in the morning is stumble to their kitchen and brew a cup or three of coffee. That's why promotional coffee mugs are such great giveaways to achieve this difficult task of top of mind awareness about your company. When buying custom coffee mugs, there are many types. You can opt for the traditional ceramic mugs, which are still popular. However, Americans are constantly on the go and the traditional mugs are not travel-friendly. Travel mugs have a lid to prevent spilling in the car and most of them are double wall insulated to keep your coffee hot. The very best travel mugs are the double wall vacuum sealed stainless steel tumblers (that's a mouthful!).A great feature about the travel style coffee mugs and tumblers is they go with people everywhere (well, almost everywhere). People start at their home drinking their coffee in the tumbler; then they bring the tumbler to their car and travel to work. From there, they easily transport their tumbler of coffee (which is still hot from earlier in the morning) to an appointment or two, then back to the office. All of this is seamless with no transferring coffee from a ceramic mug to a travel mug.Below you will find a few of our favorite coffee mugs and tumblers to use throughout your day.Our Favorite Coffee Mugs & Tumblers20 oz. Himalayan TumblerI personally use this tumbler every single day for my coffee. I love it! It is made out of a double wall, vacuum sealed, stainless steel and it has an acrylic slide top. It keeps coffee hot for about 4 hours, which is plenty of time to drink a mere 20 ounces. This tumbler also comes in 4 colors and all are made out of the same durable stainless steel construction: silver, blue, red, and black are the available colors. You also have choices for the lid colors. If you are not a coffee drinker, no worries, because these tumblers keep drinks cold for even longer than they keep drinks hot. The packaging for these premium tumblers can be customized with a full color design to make an impressive presentation when giving these out.30 oz. Silver Boss Tumbler30 oz. Boss TumblersMaybe you are part camel and really like to drink a lot at one time. If that's the case, a 20 ounce size isn't big enough, so go for these jumbo 30 oz. stainless steel vacuum insulated tumblers. wholesale sbi net banking corporate These Boss tumblers are excellent for heat or cold retention. neutrogena products These are nearly identical in construction and performance to the Yeti Ramblers, but with a much lower price point. You won't be disappointed with these premium quality tumblers. I use mine for ice water and it will hold ice for over 24 hours. The Boss Tumblers now come in colors other than Silver, which include Blue, Black, Red, Rose Gold, and even Camo! The Boss tumbler brand also comes in the 20 oz. sizes if you prefer - check out the Little Boss Tumbler.20.9 oz. Polar Stainless Steel TumblerThe Yeti and Boss tumblers have saturated the market and they all have the same look and feel. So, if you want a sleeker look for your stainless steel travel tumblers, these Polar Stainless Steel Tumblers are a great option. They are constructed with a similar 18/8 stainless steel construction like the Boss tumblers, with a copper vacuum insulation for superior heat and cold retention. The 20.9 ounce capacity, means you can actually fill it with 20 ounces of coffee and still leave room for the lid. This tumbler won't disappoint. It comes in either Black or Silver.17 oz wholesale Night Lights . Matte Black Barrel Ceramic MugOf course, many people like a traditional, ceramic coffee mug. This is one of my favorite ceramic mugs. The outside of the ceramic mugs are matte black in color and the inside comes in your choice of orange, green, or blue for a vivid color contrast. These hold 17 ounces, which is much more favorable over diner style mugs that only hold 10-11 ounces. This will likely become the new favorite mug for many of your recipients who live a simpler lifestyle and are not always on the go.15 oz. Pinehurst Ceramic MugSo far all of the mugs above can be considered "premium" mugs due to the higher price points. Since everyone's budget isn't so fat, they can't afford these premium mugs, I am sharing my favorite budget-friendly coffee mug. These 15 oz. mugs are a great size and they do their job of being a caffeine vessel. You can choose from several colors. If you want traditional, this ceramic mug is a great choice. It has the standard C-handle with straight walls and since they hold 15 ounces, you don't have to refill as often as you would for the older style 11 oz. mugs.Coffee drinking for some is a necessity in the mornings due to the major sleep deprivation of our society. However, for others, it is a passion. Some love coffee for what it represents - relaxation with the benefit of a soothing cup of Joe Carabiner Pens . It helps us step away from the busyness of life for a few moments while we sip on our legal, addictive stimulants.Because coffee drinking is so popular, it makes sense that promotional coffee mugs are excellent giveaways which will be used over and over again. This repeated use, exposes your logo to that person hundreds or thousands of times over the lifetime of a single mug. Enjoy your coffee and drink it out of a great mug!Find all of our promotional coffee mugs here.Related Articles2016 Promotional Products Marketing TrendsAdvertising That Connects With The 5 SensesTrendy Tuesday - Coffee Lovers KitI Paid What For A Starbucks Coffee?Why Coffee Related Promos Make Great GiveawaysCoffee Infographic